In 2008 I graduated with a Fine Art degree from Kingston University where I developed my interest in geometry, structure and industrial form. Eager to bolster my knowledge and explore where my work could progress I began working in set design with photographers including Tim Walker, Annie Leibovitz, Myles Aldridge and Mariano Vivanco.

Alongside this I was keen to explore further the inner workings of architecture, a subject repeated throughout my photography. I progressed quickly from carpenter to site manager for Facit Homes, a company with whom I delivered 7 houses, one of which featured on Grand Designs thanks to the innovative digital manufacturing techniques we employed.

I rarely leave the house without my camera, I'm proficient shooting with digital but for me, nothing beats shooting film. That representation of a raw, honest moment in time is incomparable. 

Progression from here led me to creating CMYK screen prints, a great way to accentuate and enliven the texture of my images. A four colour separation screen print elevates my film photography to something beautifully tangible.